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Lisa Hall HeadshotLisa Hall

A Certified Life and Business Coach, Lisa Hall is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create ways to run their businesses with greater efficiency while at the same time becoming more profitable. Lisa helps her clients decrease the amount of time spent on their business by helping them be more productive though the use of well designed time management skills and systems. Lisa helps the overwhelmed business owner create the business and life they desire and deserve.

Lisa Hall has a background in human resources, teaching, and over 13 years of entrepreneurship, making her an expert leader, trainer, and speaker. Lisa is a regular contributor to WATE-TV News, LinkedIn Articles, eZine online magazine and Women’s Owned Business Club magazine.


Sharon Hibbard HeadshotSharon Hibbard

Sharon Hibbard is known to her followers as "The Message-to-Money Mentor.

An expert in marketing communications, Sharon works with her clients to identify their own ideal audience, and clarify their unique “magnetic message,” enabling them to confidently communicate what makes them different and best-qualified to provide their own product or service.

Sharon's clients learn to “MONETIZE” their message by infusing it into every aspect of their businesses - compelling copy and content, signature talks that sell, personalized products and packages - so they can establish authority, position themselves as experts in their field...and, most importantly, MAKE MONEY doing what they love to do.

With a diverse background in all things creative - teaching, marketing, advertising, copy-writing, interior design, franchise-ownership and more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience - the underlying theme of Sharon's career path can be summarized in one phrase…putting her creative talents in service of those seeking to make a massive impact with their lives and businesses.


Tim Burchett HeadshotThe Honorable Tim Burchett

The Honorable Timothy Floyd "Tim" Burchett (born August 25, 1964) is an American Republican politician, currently the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He previously served in Tennessee General Assembly, first in the Tennessee House of Representatives and later in the Tennessee State Senate, in which he represented Tennessee's District 7, part of Knox County. On August 5, 2010, Burchett was elected mayor of Knox County.

Mayor Burchett has long been an advocate for small business. On February 10, 2012, Mayor Tim Burchett went on WBIR-TV and officially announced the county's first "cash mob" would be held at the Emory 5 & 10 store in South Knoxville. The cash mob gained national attention, and was mentioned in Time Magazine.


Lisa Hall HeadshotScott Eddy

Ranked one of the top ten social influencers in the travel industry by Klout, you could call Scott Eddy a social creature by nature. He's always had an insatiable hunger to meet new faces from all over the world. He started my career as a stockbroker, but realized before long that his passion and talent wasn’t in connecting dots, but connecting people. So it’s no wonder he ended up where he is today – a serial entrepreneur and the digital ‘go-to’ guy for the travel industry – fully immersed into an industry where personal experience and storytelling has been the key to  success.

In today’s digital age, connecting people has become fairly easy. Forming meaningful, lasting business relationships – well, that’s the tough part. But 15 years of entrepreneurial experience has taught (through much trial and error), how to manage people, their talents and strengths, and translate that into profitable businesses. The secret is, there’s no substitute for real life experience.