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Want to get even more help with sales?  How about a special intensive hands-on session with three of the top sales training experts in our area?

Take your learning to a whole new level after the Charting Your Course to Profits sales training conference.  For conference attendees, Lisa Hall is organizing a special evening intensive session where you can work directly on your business and your sales game.

This special session is February 17, 2016 from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Lisa Hall, Sharon Hibbard, and Joyce Brown will lead this dynamic group event at the Tight Ship offices at Almadiem, 222 South Peters Road, Knoxville TN 37923.

What to expect?

  • Role-playing your sales conversations
  • Spotlight coaching specific for your situation
  • Getting comfortable asking for the sale
  • Polishing your messaging and delivery

And as an attendee of the Charting Your Course conference, you get a substantial discount if you purchase your ticket to this event on or before the Charting Your Course conference (i.e., on or before February 12, 2016).  Please note that you must have purchased your Charting Your Course ticket first to get this discount for the intensive.


Sharon Hibbard Headshot

Sharon Hibbard

Sharon Hibbard is known to her followers as "The Message-to-Money Mentor.” An expert in marketing communications, Sharon works with her clients to identify their own ideal audience, and clarify their unique “magnetic message,” enabling them to confidently communicate what makes them different and best-qualified to provide their own product or service. Sharon's clients learn to “MONETIZE” their message by infusing it into every aspect of their businesses - compelling copy and content, signature talks that sell, personalized products and packages - so they can establish authority, position themselves as experts in their field...and, most importantly, MAKE MONEY doing what they love to do.

With a diverse background in all things creative - teaching, marketing, advertising, copy-writing, interior design, franchise-ownership and more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience - the underlying theme of Sharon's career path can be summarized in two words – creative expression. Launched in 2015, Compelling Content Creation is a division of her original coaching company, Shared I.D.E.A.S. LLC.

Lisa Hall Headshot

Lisa Hall

A Certified Life and Business Coach, Lisa Hall is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create ways to run their businesses with greater efficiency while at the same time becoming more profitable. Lisa helps her clients decrease the amount of time spent on their business by helping them be more productive though the use of well designed time management skills and systems. Lisa helps the overwhelmed business owner create the business and life they desire and deserve.

Lisa Hall has a background in human resources, teaching, and over 13 years of entrepreneurship, making her an expert leader, trainer, and speaker. Lisa is a regular contributor to WATE-TV News, LinkedIn Articles, eZine online magazine and Women’s Owned Business Club magazine.

Joyce Brown Headshot

Joyce Brown

Joyce is a leading authority on sales.  Having built a successful career for over 30 years in corporate sales, Joyce “retired” to start her own company, The Sales Savvy CEO.  Working with clients in the proprietary program Joyce coaches sales to fit with the seller.

Known for her warmth and humorous approach Joyce has built a strong community. She states that “we all became entrepreneurs to make a difference in this world.” “ I want to help others reach their dreams buy teaching them how to earn abundant funds in order to leave their mark.”

Through the years, Joyce has shown her leadership skills by founding several different clubs, professional organizations, and charitable groups.  While living in South Florida, Joyce started and managed the Holiday Project for Palm Beach County, making sure over 6,000 residents who were homebound, had visitors bearing gifts on Christmas Day.

Joyce and her husband Vic reside in Ocala, FL. The couple have four children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.


Get on board with Tight Ship and Lisa Hall to Chart Your Course For Greater Profits in the next year.


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